Epernay What A Girl Wants

Eng. Ch. Pascavale Enchanted x Epernay Emma Clare


Epernay What A Girl Wants

Eng Ch Pascavale Enchanted

Eng Ch Tameline Northern Dancer

Keyingham Lochlann

Nehill's Nazareth

Ingrid Hits Keyingham

Tameline Balanchine

Eng Ch Millhill Le Monde

Tameline Pebbles

Eng Ch Britannia of Pascavale

Pascavle Spencer

Eng Ch Chantiz Indiana Spring

Pascavale Lulu

Woodstock Crystal Spring of Pascavale

Delhaze Springforth

Whyteplace Norma Jean for Woodstock

Epernay Emma Clare

Epernay Chief Kensington

Ch. Sheeba Ted E. Bear

Ch. Telvara Incognito

Sheeba Go For The Gold ROM

Epernay Blossom

Ch. Telvara Top-Kopy

Ch. Sheeba Sassy Sadonia

Epernay Serena

Ch Pinecrest Sweeney Todd

Ch. Ravenrush Tailor Made of Pinecrest

Ch. Laughing Diamond Solitaire of Pinecrest

Red Oak Sweet Magnolia

Brydorstan Piper's Son of Wingletang

Brydorstan Yanyetta