CH Epernay All That Glitters



Epernay Paper Moon

GCH Veribas Point Break

Wandris That's Entertainment

Eng Ch Wandris Entertainer

Eng Ch Pascavale Enchanted

Wandris Showgirl

Wandris Dress Rehersal

Eng Ch Miletree Nijensky

Wandris Gaiety Girl

Brooksbur Rock Solid

Brooksbur Ocean Spirit

Elderberry Harvest at Brooksbur

Allmac Sweet Lady Rainbow at Brooksbur

Sanubray April Star of Brooksbur

Ch Hurleaze Birthday Boy at Shirmont

Sanubray Shining Star

Epernay Psychodelic Rock

BIS Ch. Pinecrest Rock The Boat

Ch. Sheeba Special Inspiration

Ch. Sheeba Special Edition

Sheeba Go For The Gold ROM

Ch. Pinecrest Freeze Frame

Pascavale Raphael of Windsorcourt

Ch. Pinecrest Delicious Patricia

Epernay Clara Belle

Epernay Chief Kensington

Ch. Sheeba Ted E. Bear

Epernay Blossom

Epernay That Girl

Ch. Trevricia Grand Maestro

Epernay Serena